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I am a nature and wildlife photographer based out of Northwest Pennsylvania. That means that if you want me to shoot your wedding, I am only doing it if everybody is dressed up like squirrels. No exceptions.

This is what I hope is a life-long journey in photography. I won't say that I'm self taught because a lot of other photographers - either directly or indirectly - have helped me get here. I have learned by doing and failing a lot. I've spent tremendous amounts of time in the field with my gear and I have burned the midnight oil many a night learning the post processing side of things to make my images shine their brightest.

It has been an incredible ride and I still cannot believe some of the photographic opportunities that I have had!  

In addition to the tremendous amount of positive feedback from people regarding my work that I'm so very appreciative of, my photographs have won quite a few awards - multiple first place honors in wildlife, landscapes and best refuge photo categories in the Erie National Wildlife Refuge' biennial photo contest chief among them. I've also won first place in a statewide photo contest run by Pennsylvania Magazine and saw my work published in their magazine. The local TV news did a segment showcasing my work, I've given presentations to the public and heck, one of my images was even used on a highway billboard.

I put together this website with the intention of only including my absolute best work. If I don't love it, you won't see it here. It is my hope that people can stop in and spend a few minutes enjoying the images that define my 'legacy' as a photographer. Take care and I'll see you in the field!

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